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Bootle Town Hall is situated not too far from the Gladstone Docks, Liverpool which was the "home" of Captain Walker and his 6 Black Swan class sloops that roamed the Atlantic and Bay of Biscay actively hunting and destroying U Boats. It is only right and proper that contained within the walls and halls of the town Hall is quite possibly a really unique presentation of memories of this great man and his ships and crews. On the left is the Town Hall, Oriel Road, as it was in 1910 and below, as it is today. I would imagine that it has not changed externally at all since the days that Walker's ships came to and fro the waters of the Mersey not so far away. Sefton Council are to be congratulated in the way they have held on to the past for the future.

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Press Release:

PR 1242

30 June 2004

Tribute Flag Finds New Home 

A flag commemorating Royal Navy seamen who fought in the Battle of The Atlantic has found a new home at Bootle Town Hall.  It had been used by Captain Walker's Old Boys Association since 1964 but the group is disbanding. The group's secretary Pat Marsh was eager to find a new home for the ensign and suggested Bootle Town Hall because of its close links with the association.

Sefton Council was delighted to assist and a special case has been commissioned. The flag will now be put on permanent display in the Council Chamber. Pat Marsh said: "The group is disbanding after 40 years and we needed a new home for the flag. Bootle Town Hall is the most fitting venue because of its close links to Captain Walker and his ships.

"The association held all his functions and reunions at the venue and we are delighted that the standard will go on permanent display here." The standard will be presented to Sefton's new Mayor Cllr Clifford Mainey on Saturday July 10 in a moving ceremony attended by many of the remaining old boys.

A number of other items such as photographs, ships crest and a list of those lost in HMS Kite (one of Walkers Group) will also be presented by one of the survivors. The laying up of the standard also coincides with a Battle of The Atlantic exhibition which begins on Friday July 9 also at Bootle Town Hall.

Bootle Town Hall attendant Steve Martin gets ready to give the flag a new home

Visit To Bootle Town Hall by HMS Liverpool