Alfred Bowler RN - Wild Goose

A Forgotten Hero

I had been contacted by a young lady who works for Buckinghamshire Fire Service. She has been in contact with a former Wild Goose. Here is her message to me: 

I am writing to let you know about a veteran who served on Wild Goose during WW2, who I have met during the course of my work for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. Recently we were contacted by Help the Aged, and ask if we would go and carry out a fire safety check for a resident called Alfred Bowler (known as Tom). He is living in a mobile home in  (deleted) in Buckinghamshire. Myself and a colleague visited, and found that Tom is bed bound with breathing difficulties, unable to leave his home, and has no family. However, he is in good spirits, and very much enjoyed our company, and also his Senior Service! In a conversation with him, I found out he had served on the Wild Goose during WW2, and as a consequence did some research on the internet and that is how I found your site.

We are working with a number of agencies to ensure that Tom can receive all the support he is entitled to, and have arranged to have his mobile home made more secure, have a contact point for Help the Aged installed, have fitted smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, delivered him firewood and we are in the process of sorting out a supply of easy to cook meals, hearing aids, etc. However, probably the most important thing that Tom would like is some more company! Myself and my colleague are visiting when we can, and the local post lady visits and does his shopping, but obviously we have our day jobs to do as well!

I thought I would contact you to see if you know of any other veterans of the Wild Goose who might be able to come and pay Tom a visit, or anyone else that might be willing to give up a few hours. Tom is very proud of his time serving on the Wild Goose, and Iím sure if it was possible, he would really love the opportunity to talk about the good old days with someone. Also, may I add what a fantastic website you have put together, I have printed off a copy of all the pages which I will deliver to Tom on my next visit. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes, Claire Young.

Update: It is now October 2011 and I have no had a single reply nor comment regarding this affair. I do hope Albert was able to meet up with former ship mates. I did try a few months ago to contact Claire on the above number, but she appears to be no longer there. A message was supposedly passed on but no reply.

We are now in February 2013 and must assume the worst, so I will no longer be searching for this gent, but because of his illustrious past, can reside here, if only in memory. 

As we are now at December 2014, and have still heard nothing. I must assume the worst and leave this page as his memorial. It is now November 2016 and no news whatsoever has been forthcoming. I leave this page as a memorial to one of 'Walkers Own' ..................................................