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Includes The Obituary from Admiral Horton

WRENS aboard HMS Wild Goose 1943 (below is the original annotated by Kathleen (centre)) Who is Chris Smiths mother).
Thanks you Chris for this little piece of history. This must have been in Gladstone dock and could be girls from Derby House?
Image: 15th October 1943

Eric Smith 1944 & 1945

My father Eric Smith from Nottingham served on the HMS Wild Goose in 1944 to 1946.  I have attached a few of his navy photos.
He passed away in 1999, but was very proud of his service on the Wild Goose.  Keith Smith.

Dry Dock 1946 Ceylon & below

Eric Smith 1st left back row 1947 Persian Gulf

1947 Persian Gulf

21 gun salute being fired at  Elphinstone Inlet

Muscat 1947

Persian Gulf 1947

Ships Company Wild Goose. This can be downloaded and opened up to 3096 pixels wide, 1951..
Image:  Dr Andrew Wallis

Wild Goose from an American vessel. Wild Goose issuing smoke but do not think she had rear guns post war.

Captain AH Wallis RN and below: Images: Dr Andrew Wallis

From Dr Andrew Wallis
From Dr Andrew Wallis
The ownership of the above, and other archives, has now passed to the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth. (Mar 2017)